3 comments on “The Female Perspective: Gold Bikini’s and Globes, Oh My!

  1. Different perspectives, even if one does not share exactly the same viewpoint, help to clean out the cobwebs of our minds and create a space for the rethinkin and reshaping of new ideas.


  2. I wouldn’t go as far as saying Leia was a feminist icon, but I do agree she was going in the right direction for women in general. Maintaining femininity is extremely important to me personally, but so is independence, fair wages, and equality.

    Hate me if you must, but I want my man to open the car door for me, take the trash out and clean out the mouse traps. On the other hand, I desire to work on cars, protect myself from predators, and maintain a comparable salary to my male counterparts.

    Bottom line is, every one is entitled to the other own opinions and should advocate for what they believe in.

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