5 comments on “The Female Perspective: Gay Kissing, Dreadlocks and Racism. Oh My!

  1. I think it’s 100% okay to be upset by these comments. A lot of things we are subconsciously exposed to because of our social/cultural groups and lots of people say things without speaking, BUT celebrities and TV personalities are held to a higher standard. Their job is to be a public voice – this means they should be articulate and able to contemplate a thought before speaking it. They should be held to higher standards of knowing what is offensive.

    What I think is a really positive thing is that even though these kinds of comments are still happening, is that now we are having discussions about them. These things shouldn’t happen, but at least when they do now they are becoming an opportunity for educating those who are making ignorant comments and for those who are witnessing the conversation.

    Hopefully as we address and discuss these things they will start to happen less and less frequently 🙂

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  2. Apologies for the three responses from the Great Stories account. All our bloggers use the same sign-on and apparently you (Annika) received a resounding unanimous vote for your thoughts from the entire editorial board. I think we will have to think about how we distinguish ourselves for future interaction.-Chris

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